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Beads Embroidery: Class in Kota Bharu, Kelantan Dated 11 June 2011

As salam & greetings to all,

Just to share something that i discovered while conducting my beads embroidery class in Kelantan last Saturday. FYI, the class was successfully held with a total of 13 participants coming from all over Kelantan town. Some of them was from Pasir Putih, the town of Kota Bharu itself and there was also k.nik kamisah from Jerteh, Terengganu.

We started exactly at 9.00am and had a wonderful day with full of sharing, discussion and every body was very keen towards learning more and more. We manage to finish all 20 at 5.30pm and started off with the 3 bonus design of Crumble – using diffrerent material such as, glass pearls, combination of lace trimming and acylic stones.

Since everybody was so excited, until we hardly notice the time is running off and totally forget about taking pictures for record purposes. So, please for those who had some pictures taken during the class, kindly share with me..(begging ni..) K.nik kamisah, k.nik nazipah, nadia, zura, fatin, alwani,, k.ani, aida, haslina, fara, mas and akma – please emal ye if you had any pics..

So, the next day after the class we had some time spent on Parkson Shopping Mall. While waiting for my hubby picking some stuff inside Giant market, me & madihah discovered 1 small kiosk selling hair assesories. Things that captured my attention was crochetted hair band, as shown below:

Fig. 1.0 crochetted hair band – nice right?

Madihah love it very much and 1 hair band selling at rm3.00 per piece. We shop 3 pairs = 6 pcs x RM3.00. Wonderful! its going to be Madihah’s new collection for this coming raya..

I wondering if people are so creative producing something so lovely using crochet craft, then as for beads embroidery can do even better! So, what i did, once we reached home on Sunday nite, i spend about half an hour to do create 5 petals of french beaded flowers..

Fig. 2.0 French Beaded petals

You all know what im planning to do? something like the pics below:

Fig 3.0 A picture taken while googling on beaded head accessories

Currently working on it, will keep uols posted. But, what more triggers me is – what happend if crochet + french beaded flower? Its going o be GEMPAQ la..hahahhaaa..

Just to share 1 more discovery, a very simple head clip made from sequin work by machine and patched on the hair clip and walla! Here you go..nowadays, it been sold like hot cakes because of the glittering effect and yes.. its very attractive! i bought some and wore it during my sisters wedding…additional hijab accessories..

oFig 4.0 Sequin work hair clip – The Butterfly

I love all of it..cant wait to finish the hair comb and shows to every one..enjoy! May this n3 will give some idea for those who is still searching for own product range..

Till next coming story..wassalam.

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  1. Imass says:

    k.nik kamisah

    yes k.nik..nnti kite keep in touch ye..

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  2. I kak nik from jerteh who attended your beads course at kota bharu. nice to tell you the things that you like the crochet flowers! i just bought a book at the last book fair in KL, on how to do it, are you interested? oo.. about pictures you can ask from Zura as she did send me my facebook pun ada.welcome to my blog also and link.

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