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Beads Embroidery: Combination with Handmade Fabric Flower

As salam to all and greetings!

Lately, im so lazy. Hook up with office stressful, and see this is what happened in the office! Try to run away from all the paper work, and as a result – im cutting some template for my handmade fabric flower!

Things u need is..

pic 1.0 My multivit bottle, some unused notes or paper cuts, beads container, a pen & scissors

Just used whatever container u may grab around u – in my case, as shown in the pics above my multivit bottle. I used the cap for size S and my bead’s container cover for size L and the body as size M.

pic 2.0 The drawn template with various sizes – L,M & S

Once u finish with the template, just used a scissors and cut it off according to your sketches! Im working like some kind of daisies look a like? mmmm..

pic 3.0 Trace the template onto your choice of fabrics with an erasable pen – all 3 sizes ya!

pic 4.0 Cut it off by following the sketches made

This time, i used three different pattern of fabrics to show u the various form of sizes used while making the wonderful fabric flowers!

pic 5.0 Three different fabric with three different sizes!

pic 6.0 Arranged the fabrics according to L size on 1st layer, M & lastly is S.

pic 7.0 Fold all fabrics together and stitched it in the middle

pic 8.0 Lastly, stitched a glass pearl size 8mm in the middle!

This lovely handmade flowers is great to used as additional accessories item on wedding dress, blouse, hats, shoes, handbags, tote bags, hairclips, headpieces etc.

Will share more on the fabrics flowers. The output is more spectacular if we may combine it with beads & such..till then.

Happy trying!

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