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Beads Embroidery: Design & Color

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera to all,

Sekali lagi, kite jumpa utk n3 kali ni. Last post, i’d talked about the theoritical part in designing. All info was based from my 9 years of observation and what i’d discovered trough my learning period.

To verify further on what i’d learned, i managed to hook up on a week  designing course. Designing course ni kite attend just to confirmkan all the observation yg kite buat dan all the knowledge yg kite ade terbuku dalam kepala ni. Justifikasi lain, coz kite xde formal education like others yg pegi belajar fashion ke pegi belajar art ke.. xde! ZERO! so in order to satisfy my hunger in designing and all the big Q,thats why kite buat decision to throw my money and spend for a designing course.

Course yg kite attend, is VERY EXPENSIVE. Nak belaja pasal color theory, color combination, designing – including on fabric, cost yg kite kena baya – RM1300++. Have you ever wanted to do something, really crazy about it and dying to get it and you really in to it, till you eager to pay whatever price for it????? Haa.. itulah dia, that’s what really happened.

Di Malaysia, most of the fashion school, institute or uni, xde yg menyediakan silibus seperti what i want in mind. The nearest is International Fashion Training Centre (IFTC). Their approach is difference from Unis or any other fashion school. After a detailed search and inquiries, and talked to Mdm Annie Wong (the principal), she customized the silibus to tailor my needs. Alhamdulillah..

So the one week journey begins. I had a wonderful and great times. Knowing the teacher – Cik Nik Maznah a.k.a K. Nik, im so impressed with her achievements and experiences. She was same batch with Dato’ Bernard Chandran and currently she had been teaching in IFTC for more than 15 of wonderful years. Most of her student graduated and become local famous designer to name a few – Alvin Tay, Ezuwan Ismail, Ammer Kadir, Jason Yek etc. Im so honored to have her as my teacher.

Comes lets share some of her sketches on floral motif..

Gamba 1.0 K.Nik menunjukkan cara membuat lakaran asas

Gamba 2.0 Mewarnakan asas fabrik

Gamba 3.0 Memilih warna pilihan untuk kuntuman flora

Gamba 4.0 Memilih warna ke-2

Gamba 5.0 Melakukan perincian

What uols think? My personal feeling – unspeakable, undefinable.. too excited! Thank you K.Nik.

Insya allah, pihak will announce a join collaboration with K.Nik soon.. khas untuk peminat/beaders dalam dunia Beads Embroidery!


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13 Responses to " Beads Embroidery: Design & Color "

  1. Imass says:


    nice to hear from u again. mmm..setakat ni terasa amat pack sgt. but will try to squizz..ape2 keep in touch ye

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  2. Jamuna says:

    Kak Imass

    Saya berminat nak belajar Beads embrodiery : Design & Color . Bila akan diadakan kelas untuk tahun ini. Ada tak kelas kat ipoh atau kar Putrajaya…
    Waiting for ur kind reply ..thanks

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  3. Imass says:


    kalu cukup korum kite ke sana..insya allah

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  4. murny says:

    kak imass…sy nak tanya baju color pink n coklat dasar putih sesuai dgn manik color ape ek?

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  5. emellia says:

    kak imass…ader perancangan x nk wat kek somban?minat lah nk mengikuti kelas akak…

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  6. Mar says:

    Seronok dpt tips ni..Kak Imas sy berminat sangat nk belajar sulaman manik ni..Kak tak buat kursus ke kat sabah? Kalau ada jangan lupa bagi info ya kak?

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    Imass Reply:

    insyaallah akan diusahakan. Tahun mungkin tak ke sana sbb dah banyak perancangan nk adakan kelas di semenanjung.
    Tapi november nanti saya ke kuching sarawak.

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  7. Imass says:

    Laily, boleh upload gambar ke fb.
    Kita bleh share ngan lain2 beader.

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  8. laily says:

    Kak terima kasih ats pelajaran yang diberi..cuti sek ni laily dapat buat manik pada 2 pasang baju.

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  9. Imass says:


    most welcome! may HIM bless us all..

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  10. anisah says:

    berminat nak belajar menjahit manik, takder buat kelas di miri sarawak??

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    Imass Reply:

    Ada kelas di Kuching Sarawak pada 7 November 2010 nanti.
    Boleh daftar utk booking tempat di web berikut:

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