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Beads Embroidery: How To Design (Part 2)

Salam & greetings to all.

In my last n3 about the subject as mentioned above, there are 6 elements which we need to take into consideration in designing. The 6 elements are:

1. Color

2. Line

3. Shape

4. Scale

5. Space Texture

6. Value

Do have a visit back on the previous post – Beads Embroidery: How To Design to refresh on the topic.

Before we see some of the sketches being done by my self (as promise), lets see the sketches done by Madihah Рmy beloved daughter.

Pic 1.0 Sketches by Madihah (a)

Pic 2.0 Close up

Is it what the malay always said – “manakah kuah kalau tidak tumpah ke nasi?” She did it without my guidance. Just another hand free sketches! My self also impressed with her.

The sketches is a motif. Motif is one of the option being used as a reference by some craftsman/women, artists on some bead work and design matters. As for your info, there are five (5) category of motif:

1. Floral

2. Paisley

3. Geometrics

4. Conventionals

5. Folk Design

So, to appreciate her effort and to encourage her more, i decided to use the above sketches in one of my beadwork. Will keep u update once its being done. As for the category of motif, we discuss further on next n3.


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  1. Imass says:


    insya allah.. awal okt ye..

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  2. diana says:

    puan, bila akan diadakan kelas crumble lagi dalam masa terdekat ini? saya dan kawan, berminat untuk menyertainya.

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