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Beads Embroidery: How to Design (Part 3)

Salam to all..

Just to share a very simple video found in youtube while googling for something else. A very quick and very impressive video. Look at the lines, floral drawn etc. The designer used different type of pen for this one drawing. if im not mistaken more than 3 pens! Some more she’s left handed!


helen drawdraw

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2 Responses to " Beads Embroidery: How to Design (Part 3) "

  1. Imass says:


    ade banyak option either pakai gam uhu bole, gam lilin pun bole..terpulang pada bajet dan rasa kesesuaian u.

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  2. jie says:

    nak tanya. kalau kita nak gamkan aksesori kat fabrik, jenis dan nama apa nak digunakan.


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