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Beads Embroidery: Pattern Sketches (Raya Collection)

As salam & salam sejahtera,

Arini during lunch hour, rasa malas nak what i did is trying to finish up sketches utk raya collection. Theme – biasalah, a mix of flora & fauna.

So, design yg dibuat ni adalah utk semua jenis baju kurung, atau yg berleher bulat.. but some of the design applicable to baju kebaya, blauses & such..

Idea, datang x tentu masa. Kadang-kadang, mencurah2 bagai nak rak.. x sempat2 nak sketch atas paper..huhuu..anugerah Dia. Bila time xde idea, kering je la camtu, paksa otak pikir bagai nak pecah pun x keluar 1 ape pun rupe design..kahkahh..

So, enjoy the video ye..if u like it send some comments..

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10 Responses to " Beads Embroidery: Pattern Sketches (Raya Collection) "

  1. Imass says:


    TQ for your interest my dear. we are in the midst of converting and re write the book in bilinguage.

    please drop us ur email add or contact. will call u once done. (with god’s will)

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  2. Hi,
    Iam interested with your books,is there an English version and how much its cost converted in Philippine currency in peso.
    Iam from Philippines, Davao City.
    Hoping to hear from you so soon.
    Thank you.

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  3. Imass says:


    insya allah..kite tunjukkn hasilnye nnti ye..

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  4. lyyana sara says:

    blh x ajar sal jahitan bunga2 manik nie.. berminat sgt…

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  5. Maimon says:

    Please send me anything abaut manik coz i buta manik.tq

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    Imass Reply:

    Subsribe dgn senijahitan dgn mengisikan nama dan emel address di kotak sebelah kanan sidebar blog ini.

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  6. Imass says:

    kak nik

    insya allah with ur support as well..

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  7. Kak Nik says:

    yes..confirm you can draw..not all people can you are a “drawer”(our school joke!)

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  8. Imass says:


    nnti dh launch lagi nice…

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