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Beads Embroidery: Still My Passion

As salam sisters, all beading fans..

Sorry for the long silent. As im having too much to do, beading – i have to make a pause until end of February 2011. The request to proceed sewing & embroidering masih berjalan, but i have to admit, cant proceed all at 1 time & later ..makan diri kate orang. So – unpaid leaves lah ..apalagi.

So, alhamdulillah..everything settle but want still in need is the¬†continuous¬†monitoring and supervising tasks/action. By hook or by crook, kena juga tinggalkan seketika kerja2 skolah and start back keje & …BEADING!

Jadual kelas dh disusun smula. Insya allah, xde aral melintang, bulan Mac kite akan start smula kelas2. My main objective still menyalurkan ilmu dunia manik to all beading fans out there. So, kepada yg masih berminat, nnti please refer jadual di sebelah kanan blog ye.. Email notofication on tarikh2 baru kelas in March juga akan dihantar terus kepada semua subcribers ye..

See u soon..


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