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Sulaman Manik Labuci: Design with Filigree

Salam & greetings to all,

Terlalu luas definition for creativity. As my my self, how huge, wide, far u want to proceed, its border less. Initiative from your creativity sometimes make u come out with innovation. As an inventor it is necessary u will be an innovator. In term of scope for designing, me myself still exploring and trying to experiment many types of material to used in Beads Embroidery (BE). Don’t ever limit ur self and thing out of a box will help u to have a leap frog growth rather than organic growth!

As for today, lets me share one of my favorite material – FILIGREE (im so crazy with it) in embellishment for fabrics focusing in the art of Beads Embroidery (BE).

1. What is a FILIGREE?

Some of the eg. as shown below..enjoy d pics

pics 1.0 Square Shape Filigree

pic 2.0 Round Shape Filigree

pic 3.0 Butterfly Shape Filigree

“Filigree (formerly written filigrann or filigrane) is a delicate kind of jewel work made with twisted threads usually of gold and silver or stitching of the same curving motifs.

It is probable that in India and various parts of central Asia filigree has been worked from the most remote period without any change in the designs. Whether the Asiatic jewellers were influenced by the Greeks who settled on that continent, or merely trained under traditions held in common with them, it is certain that the Indian filigree workers retain the same patterns as those of the ancient Greeks and work them in the same way, down to the present day. Wandering workmen are given so much gold, coined or rough, which is weighed, heated in a pan ofcharcoal, beaten into wire, and then worked in the courtyard or verandah of the employer’s house according to the designs of the artist, who weighs the complete work on restoring it and is paid at a specified rate for his labour. Very fine grains or beads and spines of gold, scarcely thicker than coarse hair, projecting from plates of gold are methods of ornamentation still used.

Calcutta is a famous place for filigri work, traditionally known as Calcutti Work. Cuttack in the eastern India state of Orissa, is also famous for its filigree work. Due to lack of patronage and modern design ideas this is a dying art. Most filigree work revolve around images of Gods and Goddesses.” Source –

2. Where to get?

this is the owner – Noor with Me

pic 4.0 At her shop in Wangsa Biz Avenue

3. Uses

Most common - jewellery’s design in brooches, crosses, earrings, buttons etc.

Eg. as what being apply  Yati from Please browse through her site as me myself also a fan of her wire work! (cuma x berkesmepatan lg nk tempah..)

pic 5.0 Jewellary Wirework by Yati – Butterfly shape filigree

pic 6.0 Another Wirework – Butterfly Brooch

But as people trying to explore the tremendous usage of filigree, they started to use it in fashion eg. shoes, belts, hats, dresses, night gowns, abayas, blauses, tunics etc

4. My Design

Example of filigree sewn together with acrylic stone. If u wish to use Swarovski crystal – even better!

pic 7.0 Stone & filigree – full shot

pic 8.0 Stone & filigree – side view

pic 9.0 Stone & filigree – Close up

Till next example..more on filigree is coming!


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  1. Imass says:


    utk stone bole visit our atau utk filigree bole contact beads etcetera spt tertera dlm n3.

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  2. nabila says:


    akak..saya nk tnya..di mne ye saya bole dapatkan batu yg mcm ni?? yg murah n many choices:)

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    insya allah..akan diberitahu. kalau bole x nak dh pergi becos of keje n time, tapi if ade permintaan then kite akan ke sana.

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    most welcome!

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  7. isma says:

    thanks a lot maklumat yg amat bermanfaat.menjimatkan.

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    most welcome. sharing is caring..ilmu DIA

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    tq sesangat dan moga hidup anda diberkati

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    dh ade cuba search kat button atas..

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