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Sulaman Manik Labuci: Updates Kelas JB 13/12 & Booth KedaiManik

Greetings to all,

As promised in previous n3, here some updates on the subject above.

For information, the class in JB was successfully conducted even though  1 day before we arrived, it’s quite difficult to identified the location. As told earlier, we managed to found a replacement venue for the event. Thx again to Mr Khairul whom very generous to rent the place for us.

Come and lets enjoy the story.. We took off early morning from Klang after the whole family had a light breakfast. It tooks us an average of 6 hours drive, taking the north-south highway. A very long journey. I didn’t expect its going to be that tiresome. We stopped almost all the “perhentian”. Travelling with 2 hyper active kids gives u a challenging body & mind. Money – as usual lah… So, 1 thing for sure. Every time  u have kids travelling with u, please make sure u prepared some games/toys to keep them busy. Honestly, this is the best tricks to make sure they wont give u more headache. :) )

We managed to arrived around 5.30pm in JB. This is how madihah & talhah looks like after a long ride.

kelasJB131209_1Pic 1.0: Madihah & Talhah – Still can smile with a lot of energy

After about 2 hours driving to search for the location, we learnt something in JB. JB is hugeeeeeeeeee… its may looks a small town but in order for u to go from 1 place to another, quite difficult. No wonder, some of the participants whined when we had to change the venue.

We had to search for a place to stay. At 1st, we already had book a place in Crystal Crown, but because of the incident, we canceled it off! Very disappointed with them. Finally, we agreed to stay in a budgeted hotel -The Fern Lodge.


Pic 2.0: The Fern Lodge

The lodge was newly set up and everything is new. That’s make it a best and cheap place to stay – 2 queen size bed! Exhausted!!! Everyone of us including the kids, just thrown our selves immediately when we saw the clean and huge bed. Heeehee..

On the next day, we wake up early and head off toGiant,  U Mall, Taman Pulai Utama (i think!). Happy to see all the participants. The spirit – keep on burning! Wonderful..

kelasjb131209_3Pic 3.0: Concentration showed on their faces

kelasjb131209_4Pic 4.0: More concentrations! Pressure..

At the end of the day, everybody satisfied and as usual the free consultation session arrived. Sorry for those whom cant wait longer.

We also had 2 extra instructor. Thanks to God, at least they knew what i’m doing and trying to help.

kelasjb131209_6Pic 5.0: 2 bakal instructor – they will continue the legacy!

kelasjb131209_5Pic 6.0: The left overs

Sis Norlize, Sis Saidatul, Sis Salwa (sori yg ni mcm konfius skit namenye) , my self, Suhaila (ke? sori le name yg ni pun x ingat – but i can remember d faces, ok?), Mazlina & Sis Haneyma.

Booth Kedai Manik

Today were the 1st time opening in the Bazaar it self. The crowd is 40-60. Maybe it was because of the Public Holiday. But the crowd tune in during lunch & after 5pm.

Lets see some of the services provided. From setting up a blog to p perfume retailer. “Semuanya ada..”

ioiboulevard_1Pic 7.0: Side view of Kedai-manik

(x nampak toke sebb tgh tangkap gamba)

ioiboulevard_2Pic 8.0: Uncle Franky’s booth

He had acted in several local tv’s commercials. Syok ooo.. listening to his story. So friendly

ioiboulevard_3Pic 9.0: Some of the activities carried out by the management – For Christmas!

ioiboulevard_4Pic 10: The real session revealed!!!

Yg ni Sis Wan with her daughter. Came along from Putrajaya just to have a consultation for her baju. Lastly, she’d make her mind in learning all the 20 techniques.


Pic 11: One to one coaching for Bedah

Pity her sister. Earlier she came along with her sister. While on her way back to the car, her purse had been snatched by the PERAGUT!!! Damn on them! May Allah punish them! Thankfully, nobody injured.. Later she came back on 4pm. To start off things she haven’t had a chance to kick start at noon.

So, next opening is on 26 Dec 2009, 12pm – 7pm. For those staying around IOI Boulevard, we would like to invite u for a peak or join our on the spot class!

See ya next time..

Merry Christmas!

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